The Harrison Spirit | Consulting-Packages - Adjusted to your requests
Reach your goal the fastest possible with our compact packages. Half or whole consulting days. Fixed rates with individual sets of services.
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Consulting Packages

Adjusted to your requests

Clothes make the man – a well-known wisdom. The same is also true for spaces, where their size does not matter. Knowing how, a room turns into a jewel in which you feel comfortable. Or business premises, event venues and gastronomy establishments. Or apartments, entire houses.

We know how, and we are happy to share this knowledge with you. Individually and tailored precisely to your needs and specifications. Eventually, you are defined by your rooms, just as by your appearance – and this you won’t leave up to chance either.

The following flat charge packages are available:

We meet at the scene: In a personal conversation, we define objectives, and show you ways and measures – as output you get an individual to-do and / or shopping list, which allows you to continue working independently thereafter. Optionally, you can book additional hours, half or full days.

In a personal conversation on-site, we jointly analyse the current situation and discuss objectives and how to most effectively achieve them. Your output includes a to-do list, and we embark together on a shopping spree, depending on the scope with Harrison’s small or large van. Optionally, you can book additional hours, half or full days.

1/2 day: CHF 500.-
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1/1 day: CHF 900.-
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